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Kevin Bae - CEO/ Managing Director

China is a lucrative market. It whets the appetite of businesses across many industries. But whether you are a small business or a multinational, do you have business and tax advice that deeply understands the nuances of doing business in China and Australia?

It’s rare for Australian experts to understand all the complexities and risks of doing business in China. Correspondingly, it’s rare for Chinese advisors and tax accountants to truly understanding changing Australian compliance issues.

Currencies fluctuate, regulations change, industries face surprises. If you are doing business in China, are you getting the latest, most comprehensive business advice? For example, is your tax accountant expert in transfer pricing from the perspectives of both the Australian and Chinese tax systems? Calibre Business Advisory was founded by professionals who are equally at home with doing business in Australia and doing business in China.

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Our Clients

Our construction project in China was significant. It attracted significant capital investment and as such it was vital for us to have the best financial management. We could not rely on general knowledge about China. We needed experts in the China market who could also understand our local business culture and needs. Calibre's experts were on hand with financial modelling, budgeting, and ongoing cost analysis and control. Our company greatly relied on their sound and professional service - we relied on them heavily for the success of the project

Construction Project in China

Our Experience in China

Calibre’s Directors routinely visit clients who are doing business in China. We speak Mandarin and Cantonese and have developed a strong network across various regions. We manage transfer pricing strategy and full outsourcing of finance with our virtual CFO services. These transfer pricing, taxation, and strategic services have seen us add value to the operations of numerous clients.

You too can take advantage of a booming middle-class, the world's largest Internet user population, and a Free Trade Agreement with Australia. But you need business advisors, virtual CFOs, tax accountants and transfer pricing methods that are devised by professionals who have spent years doing business China. Our clients have found that the unique experience of our team cannot be matched by other China desks.

Our Services in China

As with all cross border commercial activities, the benefits of doing business in China are coupled with considerable risks. From transfer pricing to company set-up, our expertise has allowed us to work on special projects to attract private investment from China while also equipping those doing business in China:

editCreating compliant and profitable transfer pricing, taxation, and sale strategies
editManaging currency, finance, grant, and funding strategy
editDeveloping business, cultural, and regulatory contacts and networks in China
editVarious trips to China to highlight investment opportunities in Australia
editEvaluating investment opportunities for potential Chinese investors
editOrganising project launch events in China.

There are significant administrative, legal, cultural, transfer pricing and language structures to be navigated. If you want to take hold of the opportunities present, you need strategy from people who are equally at home doing business in China as they are in Australia. Contact Calibre for more options and unique advice.

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