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Kevin Bae - CEO/ Managing Director

Your business can benefit from the strong ties between Australia and Korea. The growing economic relationship between the two countries is highlighted by an open Free Trade Agreement. Doing business in Korea allows you to capitalise on Korea’s demand for specific imports, its highly professional business culture, and its world leading status as a technology manufacturing nation.

Doing business in Korea requires you to balance tax, regulations, and business structuring challenges. This means you need to ask yourself – are your business advisors and tax accountants expert enough?

To be successful you will need clear and tailored advice for your business strategy. For example, how will you manage double taxation tax issues? Can you access grants such as the EMDG? Calibre Business Advisory has offices in Sydney and Seoul. Our firm is uniquely positioned to manage the dynamic nature of doing business in Korea and the significant differences between Korean and Australian business cultures.

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Kevin Kwon - Korean Business Advisor

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Kevin Kwon - Senior Member - Calibre Seoul Office
Edward Song - Australian and Korean Business Advisor

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Edward Song - Director

Our Experience in Korea

“Even though we had Korean speaking staff we still faced a number of unknowns when setting up a duty free retail business in Korea. Calibre had an office in Korea and so had staff who were able to clearly advise us. They also helped to take care of the compliance and accounting in Korea, so we could focus on making our business successful in a foreign market.” Pure Australia

Calibre’s CEO, Kevin Bae, has more than 20 years of business experience in Korea. He routinely manages clients who need to balance demands of dual regulatory frameworks when doing business in Korea and Australia. Kevin Kwon is a senior member at Calibre Seoul Office. Kevin started his accounting career with the San Francisco office of RSM US. After he came back to Korea, he assisted many international corporate clients with their accounting, tax and audit matters. He is an expert in business advisory, tax advisory and compliance to international clients, and structuring and start-up solutions for international clients in Korea.

Calibre Business Advisory is able to utilise a team of professionals who are equally comfortable with the Korean tax, regulatory, and cultural environment as they are with the Australian system. We can help you not only access export incentives such as the EMDG, but set up for long-term success when doing business in Korea.

Our Services in Korea

Calibre has a direct presence in Korea, having established an office in Seoul since 2014. In that time that office has been helping clients both in Korea and from Australia with the following:

editAccounting and bookkeeping services
editKorean tax advice and compliance
editConsulting engagements such as risk management workshops and business process reorganisation
editCustomer experience consulting
editGrant access and spending, including the EMDG
editHelping Australian customers launch products on the Korean market

This depth of experience and personal knowledge gives us an edge in assisting clients who are doing business in Korea. Most other firms have business advisors who are familiar with the Korean context; few have Australian advisors who have lived and breathed business in Korea so extensively. Contact us to explore how you create more options in the Korea tax and regulatory environment or to begin doing business in Korea.

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