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Kevin Bae - CEO/ Managing Director

This is the Asian century. China, Japan, Korea – these are key nations whose economies are shaping the modern world. You may regret not having invested when these markets first opened up. You could have taken advantage of their potential early. But a similar opportunity now awaits in Vietnam.

Vietnam is arguably the number one emerging economy of Asia. It stands where China did 20 years ago – ready to surge ahead, and take savvy investors ahead into new levels of growth.

The countries GDP continues to grow despite fluctuations. It grew from 6.44% in 2015 to 6.56% in 2016, and reached 7.65% in January 2018. Foreign investors have flocked to Vietnam of late, drawn to low costs, abundance of labour, and increasingly skilled workforce. FDI increased by 44% over the course of 2017 alone. This has seen poverty drop and increased local consumer spending. At Calibre, we can help tap into this growth with an informed tax and business plan.

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Kenny Tran - Consultant - Vietnam
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Our Experience in Vietnam

Calibre Business Advisory are Australian and Asia-Pacific business experts. Our firm was developed on the principle of being equally proficient in tax and business advisory in Asia as we are in Australia. We have worked successfully with numerous firms in Asia, especially in China and Korea, and have our own dedicated office in Seoul. As such, we have been quick to realise Vietnam’s potential and have engaged in setting up our services in the booming economy.

Our business and tax advisory team have made a number of trips to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to help facilitate trade for our clients. We have had the opportunity to engage in business and strategic planning in a number of sectors, including Vietnamese education and agribusiness. This has helped us successfully advise foreign investors in setting up and remaining compliant in these industries. Our entity structure set-up services have been tailored to the nuances of Vietnamese regulations.

Calibre has also been in discussions to help high-net worth Vietnamese individuals establish operations, property development, and import-export in Australia. As such, we have come to understand the nexus of Australian-Vietnamese tax and business regulatory systems, and so have given our clients more than just routine tax or Asian business guidance. We have provided Vietnamese specific advice on compliance, tax, and strategy in order to secure the best possible pathways for success.

The end result is that we boast a team with a unique grasp of what is needed for international investors to be successful in Vietnam, and what is need for Vietnamese investors to be compliant and profitable in Australia.

Our Services in Vietnam

We can help you set up your business in Vietnam from start to finish. Our team has a broad array of skills that go beyond accounting and so can assist with numerous functions.

editStructuring advice for entities in both Australia and Vietnam.
editLegal and tax advice on repatriating funds and protecting IP.
editStatutory direction on getting a business license, an office, or a business partner in Vietnam.
editRealistic scheduling for statutory approvals.
editLicenses for a company stamp, local tax, and bank accounting.
editLanguage and cultural support, and advice on how to hire employees and enter contracts.

You are likely to encounter advisors with international or Asia-Pacific experience. But the unique nature of Vietnam’s boom economy means you are far better off working in partnership with a team who has genuine, on-the-ground Vietnam experience and expertise. We appreciate the value of accessing this market at its emergent stage. Yet we also know how to do this properly. Contact our business advisors if you are interested in successfully doing business in Vietnam, one of the most exciting growth economies in the world.

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