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Kevin Bae - CEO/ Managing Director

Is Australia the right place for you to open up a new branch of your business? Will it remain a profitable place to invest in the future? We at Calibre understand your concerns, but we also see your potential. Quite frankly, Australia remains a very attractive place for business investment for a variety of reasons.

A gateway to the booming economies of Asia, Australia has long been known for an advanced and educated labour force. Low unemployment and a legal system similar to those of Europe and the US has long given confidence to investors.

Added to that, you face low geo-political risk. Political shifts and changes rarely tend to shake up and unsettle foreign businesses; rather, Australian governments are lowering the corporate tax rate. When you also take into account Australia’s sophisticated markets, Australia is evidently a lucrative place for foreign subsidiaries. But what are the risks behind this potential?

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Foreign Subsidiary set up in Australia
Edward Song - Small Business Tax Offset advice

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Edward Song - Director

Are you ready to face the challenges?

Setting up a foreign arm in any country can be complex. Surviving and thriving can be even more so. Here are some of the questions you will need to consider when starting a subsidiary.

editWhat are the regulatory, tax, business and accounting requirements in Australia for foreign businesses?
editHow do you ensure your compliance and planning fits in with your Head office reporting requirements in your home country?
editHow do you create tax efficiency through business structuring or transfer pricing strategy?
editHow will you manage communication between your Australian office and head office, let alone across different languages and business cultures?
editHow do you decide what you will centralise and decentralise? What will you run through your Head office overseas, and what could you outsource to a virtual CFO in Australia?

Potential on one hand, challenges on the other. And this is where Calibre excels.

Advisors who are truly local and truly international

Calibre Business Advisory is unique because we have built our entire business around being expert in both local Australian business and international business. Hence we can provide clarity on exactly what you need to set up and maintain a compliant and profitable business in Australia.

editWe know international and Australian tax requirements inside and out.
editWe have qualified and experienced Australian accountants and personnel, but also have an office in Seoul, Korea.
editWe can help structure and strategise the repatriation of your profits back to head office, advise on transactions and their tax implications in Australia, and assist with transfer pricing.
editWe have a wide range of language capabilities. We speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and more, so we can help with communications between all relevant parties.
editWe can give you as little or as much as you need, by functioning as a tax arm that works with your in-house team at your overseas head office or by being a fully outsourced representative in Australia.

Calibre's directors have been advising foreign subsidiaries since the 1990s. Our reputation is cemented and upheld by this work. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you in bringing your business to Australia.

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