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James Maston - Tax Director

The existence and nature of commercial property is shaped by investors. Likewise, the way these office buildings, shopping centres, retail stores, and many other types of infrastructure are used is shaped by those who manage their facilities. Calibre has been working with both investors and facilities management firms for years.

We have worked hard to get the best outcomes for many commercial property investors, cleaners, trolley-collectors, and other maintenance providers for a number of years.

We have also witnessed the extent of change in this industry. In recent years, there has been an influx of high net-worth individuals and groups investing in commercial property in Australia. This has been accompanied by an increased demand and scope of provision in the facilities management industry. If you are prudent, you have a plan to balance the demands of growth and complexities of compliance.

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Advice for facilities management in Australia
Edward Song - Small Business Tax Offset advice

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Edward Song - Director

How do you remain compliant in a complex industry?

Both commercial investors and facilities management firms need to face new compliance and tax challenges.

editIf you are high net-worth investor, how to do best manage relationships between the owner and relevant parties such as estate agents, maintenance firms, strata, etc?
editHave you chosen the smartest tax and asset protection structuring?
editIs your plan for remaining tax compliant in regards to your investment and other finances making you pay unnecessary costs?
editIf you provide facilities management services, are your payroll systems up-to-date with changing regulatory demands?
editIf you provide facilities management services, have you calculated margins not only for your overall business, but also for each specific job?

You'll miss opportunities to save money or grow your business by relying on generic advice.

Devise a plan with investment and facilities management experts

Calibre’s experience in this arena is second to none. We partner with your from beginning to end and examine every avenue to give investors and facilities management firms more options in compliance.

editWe have extensive tax experience in advising on payroll and contracting arrangements in light of ATO and OSR regulations.
editWe have also represented our clients in numerous ATO and OSR investigations.
editWe are able to act as a finance and administration function for local and overseas property investors.
editWe sharpen all your contractor and subcontractor arrangements for income tax and payroll tax purposes.
editWe improve interpretations of the performance of your property investment based on real estate agent reports and valuations.

Calibre’s business advisors can sit with you and your team, at your office or property, and clearly explain fresh and realistic options that you may not have considered. If you invest in property in Australia or run a facilities management company, contact us to explore a firmer compliance plan for your future.

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