Justin Chun - Director, Korea

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Justin Chun - Director, Korea

Managing payroll in Korea requires a faultless understanding of labour laws and tax regulations that are highly-specific to Korea. The ideal accounting team will not only ensure compliance, but also find unique payroll solutions that manage your staffing in local and international contexts. Key payroll issues you must deal with in Korea as a foreign business include payroll run, social insurances and tax compliance for payroll.

Our Experience

We have assisted high-profile clients with their payroll services in Korea, including

editOne of the biggest US aero-defense companies.
editAn American company that distributes mobile phones and other devices.
editAn American digital media company.
editAn Anglo-Italian multinational company designing and manufacturing helicopters.
edit A German company producing specialty chemicals for heat insulation foams and transparent polycarbonate plastics.
editA Japanese container shipping company headquartered in Tokyo and Singapore.
editAn American pay television network.
editA German market research institute, which is the fourth largest market research company in the world.
editAn Australian insurance technology company.
editAn Italian boutique fashion brand.
Kevin Kwon - Director, Calibre Dah-Yul

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Kevin Kwon - Director, Calibre Dah-Yul

Our Services

We provide complete support to manage all your payroll requirements regardless of the size of your company:

editMonthly payroll processing
edit4 types of national social insurance – on-boarding, off-boarding and compliance
editMonthly withholding tax return
editMonthly resident tax – employee portion
editEmployee exit procedures, compliance and tax filings
editYear-end tax reporting for all employees

Our Difference

Our advisors understand the payroll practices of both worlds – Korean business and business in the Western world. We not only advise our clients on complex local payroll rules and regulations but also make the best effort to help them understand such complex rules and regulations so that they can make an informed decision concerning H.R. and payroll.

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