A Virtual CFO gives small businesses the advantages of a large corporation

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) gives you the full CFO services in Australia and beyond normally only affordable to large corporations. Outsourced CFOs are hired on-call and are paid by the hour, so you receive the benefits given to the biggest firms without being charged prices only the biggest firms can afford.

Large corporations are able to maintain their market position not simply because of their assets and budgets, but because they can manage complex issues such as transfer pricing with the skills of in-demand professionals. Virtual CFOs in Sydney are especially valuable if you are struggling to afford an in-house advisory team. Consider your current understanding of your financial status, your risk management, your strategy for growth, transfer pricing methods, and your asset and cash-flow structuring – how much would these areas benefit from direction from the best Virtual CFOs in the industry?

Do you want global reach without stretching your small business beyond its limits?

Yet another stunning advantage of an outsourced CFO is that you can tap into foreign markets or better manage transfer pricing. For example, imagine the difference it would make to your exports or transfer pricing if you were guided by experienced and highly-skilled Virtual CFO services in Australia and Asia? It may be just what your SME or start-up needs to exceed expectations and go global. Likewise, many overseas SMEs and start-ups would love to expand into Australia, but would never dream of having their inbound business and transfer pricing guided by a Virtual CFO in Sydney who has managed multinationals across the Asia-Pacific.

What’s the difference between a Virtual CFO and my accountant?

A Virtual CFO is not simply a glorified accountant or business advisor. They offer specialised and particular services that accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors cannot.

An outsourced CFO can take your business forward in a way your tax accountant cannot

Virtual CFOIn-house accountant
ExperienceHigh degree of experience across a variety of specialisations and locationsLimited international and cross-industry experience
SkillAt the top of their field in terms of expertiseSpecialised skills and expertise. Limited international and cross-industry experience
NetworkingAble to liaise with board, investors, lawyers, government and other stakeholdersNetworking limited within the company and accounting profession
CommunicationHas developed advanced communication skills and is able to liaise with all levels of staffLimited communication training and will mostly communicate to team and direct managers
LeadershipHas extensive leadership skills and is able to guide management with tactLimited leadership experienced and tied to a specific role in company
IndependenceIndependent and able to provide objective adviceNot independent of company
CostHourly rate and on-call hiring allows cost to be managedIndividuals or teams are usually paid annual salaries

Calibre Business Advisory was built around the expert Virtual CFO experience of our Directors. Our CEO, Kevin Bae, offers you a Virtual CFO team not just in Australia, but across China, Korea, Vietnam and the entire Asia-Pacific. His understanding of Asia-wide taxation, transfer pricing, business development, and corporate structuring is second to none. With offices in both Seoul and Sydney, and regular business advisory activity across China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and the rest of Asia, our Virtual CFOs can provide your small business with a transformative edge.

For more information about Calibre Business Advisory’s team of qualified and experienced Virtual or Outsourced CFO’s, contact us today.

“We are an outsourced call centre and technology business. We made the decision over four years ago to outsource our entire finance function to Calibre. We feel we have established a valued partnership with Calibre. There is a great cooperation between their staff and our management and this has helped us achieve various business outcomes. We have to regard them as a part of our business, not just as an outsourced function.”