Business Assistance

No matter how competent and resilient, we understand that businesses occasionally need to reach out for urgent assistance when facing certain challenges. An ATO tax audit, an OSR letter, liquidation, restructuring, litigation, tax audit penalties and disputes – Calibre Business Advisory is dedicated to giving you a realistic path forward.

The key to responding to any business challenge or crisis is developing an accurate response. Lacking the time and skill to comprehensively evaluate the risks and options can set you on the wrong path.

Calibre Business Advisory applies a holistic approach. We not only have the expertise to face a challenge like a tax audit, but we also employ strategies to help you find positive options beyond the challenge.

We turn stress into options

When you contact Calibre, our business advisors provide you with immediate yet calm direction. A common challenge which drives business owners to reach out to us for help is a tax audit. Tax audits may be initiated by the ATO or bodies such as the OSR. They raise the spectre of penalties, restructuring, liquidation, and even business wind-down. We understand the stress this causes. But our dedicated advisors will sit down with you and help turn worry into options.

From tax audits to small business grants

The right response to a business problem is to understand the scope and consequences involved. For example, during a tax audit it is imperative that you understand what is required of you from the ATO or OSR, what possible penalties are inherent in the action, and how you can financially plan for the duration of your response. Tax audits, business restructuring, and even liquidation plans need not mean the end of your financial, investment, or business objectives in the long-term. Even those companies which invest considerable time into facing a tax audit or another challenge can look to options beyond. We have explored how companies can restart their operations through small business grants and other incentives, and how a restructure can benefit. We look at how you can manage your funds through a successful wind-down process. Yet options for small business grants and other rebates are only viable if you are precise and realistic about your business challenges and the help you need.

Don’t let a business crisis consume you. Contact our advisors for the business assistance you need.

“I’d previously run a tiling business, which I stopped due to ill health. A year later, I received an audit letter from the ATO and then another from the NSW OSR. I was completely unprepared for this. My accountant recommended Calibre. They worked incredibly with my accountant to present an acceptable position for my business and my tax liabilities – they helped reduce any future penalties.”

– Client in building services