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Calibre Partners

Audit and Assurance is often treated as a necessity of compliance. Growth is not considered. In fact, an external audit and other services from the from the right accountant and skilled auditors can make a measurable difference to your bottom line. Your view of your financials may be clouded; we can show you your business in its true light.

Calibre Business Advisory works through its accredited audit arm, Calibre Partners. We aim to ensure your compliance, and our external audits assess potential risk so as to ensure you have a clear path forward for business growth.

Calibre Team


An external auditor’s independence, dogged commitment to financial analyses, and honesty in reporting will directly impact the quality of your financial reporting, and ultimately, your decision making processes.

Calibre Partners Director Roger Wong, a registered company auditor at ASIC, has spent 20 years developing a reputation of objectivity and integrity. Roger and his team provide accurate audit and assurance services in Sydney, and has the financial acumen and agility to provide the most comprehensive set of compliance scenarios during external audits.



An external audit functions as an intensive business health check. But expert auditors know the purpose of an external audit extends further than this. An external audit examines the financial statements and data of an entity in order to see how it stands up to the laws, regulations, and stipulations of local, national, and international authorities and standards.

An external audit may be required for your business to continue its operations successfully. But the importance of an external audit is that it can also improve your business. Independent, comprehensive, transparent, responsible – Calibre’s external audit’s review the financial aspects of your company, identify risks, detect fraud or potential compliance mismanagement, and so set up your business for the future. We allow all parties within a business, from shareholders and owners to management, to come to a better understanding of how soundly the business is operating.

Stages of an external audit:

  • Management selects an auditor
  • The external auditor defines his or her approach
  • An initial assessment identifies key risks
  • Perform risk based audit procedures
  • A full audit report analyses the business against statutes and accounting principles
  • Governance and other issues are brought to management for review


The purpose of an external audit is to show you how your business is performing not against the backdrop of your own assumptions, but against statutory standards. An external audit is therefore a magnifying glass which exposes how your business is honestly performing, and so allows expert auditors to outline future pathways.


Our auditors and business advisors provide independent, professional, and robust audit and assurance services.

Our analysis of your risks is precisely customised to the size and needs of your organisation. We invest significant time into understanding your industry and your organisation’s objectives. Our strategies strengthen your financial reporting processes and improve your systems. With our auditors, the end result of our auditing and assurance service provision is clarity that you can trust. It allows you to create flexible paths for your business to succeed.

Our audit and assurance services:

  • Financial statements auditing and preparation
  • Assistance with preparations for statutory audits or reviews
  • Australian Financial Services Licence auditing and compliance auditing
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagements
  • Internal control reviews
  • Financial due diligence
  • Government grant and acquittal auditing
  • Coaching / mentoring of finance teams
  • Independent Compliance Committee member
  • Non-Executive Director (Audit/Finance Committee)