Launching a successful tech start-up

Technology is arguably the key driver of modern change. It is therefore no surprise that the tech industry boasts some of the most exciting up-and-coming start-ups, and attracts lucrative investment. Australia is not being left behind. A highly skilled workforce and a pivotal position in the Asian market gives start-ups in Australia the potential to make it big on the global stage.

Technology is a high risk and high reward industry. Your start-up costs fund blood, sweat and tears, not immediate returns. The plethora of apps and software ideas are legion – how do you make sure yours captures the market and investor imagination?

A large number of tech endeavours barely get off the ground. This is because innovative ideas and the desire to tap into Silicon Valley levels of profit are not enough to create a profitable tech business in Australia (or indeed anywhere in the world). While the government is aiming to strengthen the industry through grants such as the incentive and EMDG, you’ll need more to make it big.

Is your business planning as sharp as your tech product?

Start-ups and established companies need to astutely manage different challenges.

  • As a start-up, how realistic is your cash-flow and time-management planning? Efficient cash-flow prevents blow out on significant costs and time management planning sets sustainable development goals.
  • As a start-up, have you structured your business for tax and asset protection to enable future investors and prevent costly restructuring down the track?
  • As a start-up, how will you release and generate cash flow from your product, and how can you access government grants?
  • As an established firm, how nuanced is your investment plan for expansion?
  • As an established firm, is your financial future dependant on existing cash flows, debt finance, or new investors? Do you revise your international tax structuring to protect IP and mitigate double taxation?

Solutions require an accounting team with specific experience in this industry.

Innovative advice for an innovative industry

Innovation is the hallmark of successful tech ventures. Calibre Business Advisory understands this. We provide advisors who know your industry and provide in-depth solutions.

  • We provide cash flow plans and development proposals to help ensure you don’t run out of capital.
  • We have tax advisors in Australia and Asia who have extensive experience in working with tech start-ups and established firms.
  • We plan a monetisation and structuring strategy for you that prioritises long-term investment planning so you and your shareholders have security.
  • We understand the need to protect your IP and mitigate international taxation costs when working with innovative and global products.
  • We can help access fresh sources of revenue such as the R&D tax offset and provide a proactive expansion strategy.

Calibre is not just an accounting firm that dabbles in the tech industry – we have the expertise and experience to provide solutions tailored to the unique demands of tech start-ups and established firms. Contact us to strengthen your financial planning in a dynamic yet tough market.