Understanding property development in Australia

Few industries receive as much attention as property development. From the regular news cycle to chats over coffee between friends, property is on everyone’s lips in Australia. It’s fair to say that modern Australia is defined by the incessant desire to own a home and the pressures of finding affordable ways to buy, develop, and invest in property.

Australia’s increasing population, demand for affordable housing, demand for more housing allocation, and government incentives to encourage supply continue to stimulate property development.

The urge to buy has fuelled construction. The property development market is tight, beset with fluctuating pressures, but nonetheless remains extremely attractive. But now more than ever your success in this industry depends on your ability to navigate specific commercial and residential development concerns.

How do you know if your property development company will last?

The property market can be unpredictable. It fluctuates. Having a solid grasp on key financial and tax issues can go a long way to securing your future in development.

  • Is your business structured in a way that suits your project? Has it been chosen based on your use of land, investor profiles, number of developments and the timing of your returns?
  • Have you kept up-to-date on the increasing complex stamp duty regulations, or are you paying costs you might not need to be paying?
  • How thoughtfully have you assessed the applicability of the margin scheme and the choice of development for rent, rather than for sale?
  • Do you have the expert financial tools to track all your revenues and costs in a way that makes sure you maximise your returns?
  • Have you considered all the tax outcomes regarding your foreign investors? Have you chosen the most cost-effective tax and funding structure?

There is a chance that you may be spending funds unnecessarily. A prudent advisor can help.

Business planning that keeps you on top of a complex property market

Development costs. Property prices. Stamp duty and the margin scheme. New tax rules. Foreign investor surcharges. Calibre has invested hours into ensuring we stay on top of all developments in the property development industry, so our clients can thrive.

  • We have outsourced CFO functions which we implement for a number of clients to help track project performance.
  • We have advised multiple development clients on how to sharpen their structuring and funding, often delivering a surprising reward.
  • We offer an intensive and detailed assessment of your stamp duty and indirect tax considerations.
  • We have worked with reputable developers and construction firms to manage complex new regulations and help keep them abreast of potential tax losses or rebates.
  • We pay careful attention to market forces and our extensive work with foreign investors means we are experts in providing clear and beneficial tax outcomes.

Calibre understands how significant construction is in the Australia economy. Indeed, we value its impact on the national psyche, so we do not provide the bare minimum. Contact us for business and tax solutions that go above and beyond for property developers.