What types of services does a CFO advisory team provide?

All businesses can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a CFO advisory team. Whether you are a small business set to open its doors, or a large corporation seeking complex taxation assistance, a CFO advisory service will ensure that you are making smart financial decisions to achieve ongoing success.

Calibre Business Advisory’s accomplished team of business advisors and tax accountants have a long and established history of assisting companies throughout the Asia Pacific. With offices across Australia, South Korea, and Singapore — and a comprehensive range of advisory services on offer — you can be certain that your business is in safe and experienced hands.

Business advisory

Business advisors are typically independent, experienced experts who are able to recommend and implement strategies to improve operational performance. These strategies can range from budget preparation to risk management identification.

Calibre Business Advisory’s team includes both business advisors and virtual CFOs. Our staff are committed to working closely with your business to discover how you operate and identity areas for improvement. Our business advisory services include:

  • Virtual CFO: Outsourcing a CFO enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from business advisory services without having to hire an in-house employee. This is particularly advantageous to small and medium business owners.  
  • Business assistance: Business assistance includes a  number of services that require specialised knowledge, such as: tax audits, liquidation, restructuring, and litigation.
  • Advice on doing business in Australia: Australia presents as a unique business environment. Hands-on assistance can aid companies to navigate this landscape; Calibre Business Advisory’s team possesses extensive experience dealing with Australian tax and regulatory requirements, employment law, and small business grants.

Tax accounting

Completing your tax return can be stressful, particularly if you have a limited financial background. All businesses can benefit from tax assistance offered in simple, easy-to-understand terms. 

Calibre Business Advisory’s experienced taxation team is able to assist businesses who require reactive (audit), ongoing (compliance) and proactive (future planning) tax help. Our tax accounting services include:

  • Tax audit: A business can be faced with a tax audit for any number of reasons. Clear, comprehensive documentation regarding your cash-flow, contractors, pay, reconciliation, investments, assets, and liquidation will ensure you are well prepared to pass an audit without the threat of financial penalties.
  • Transfer pricing: The pricing of goods and services traded under a common entity, transfer pricing is heavily scrutinised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). An experienced tax accountant is well placed to manage complex dealings made between Australian and overseas entities. 
  • Tax compliance: Tax compliance can refer to everything from the completion of tax returns to the reviewing of activity statements — all in adherence to ATO regulations.  

Small business grants

Operating a small business is no easy feat, even with the wide range of grants and offsets available from Australian state and federal governments. Calibre Business Advisory’s experience in the area of small business grants can assist businesses at all stages of development. Our small business services include:

  • R&D tax incentive: For small businesses, research and development can often seem like a far off dream. The Australian Government’s R&D tax incentive, along with the assistance of a knowledgeable business advisor, can help make that dream a reality. 
  • EMDG: Exporting is an expensive undertaking and small businesses can struggle to get their export operations off the ground. The EMDG is a key program which provides financial assistance to small-to-medium enterprises (SME) looking to expand their export market. 
  • Small business tax offsets and incentives: Small business tax offsets can make a considerable difference to the financial health and operative viability of your company. Business advisors can assist you claim the offset and plan how best to use your savings. 

Businesses of today face vast and ever-changing challenges. At Calibre Business Advisory, we are committed to ensuring our clients thrive and are proud to offer an extensive range of CFO advisory services to help clients achieve their business goals.